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About two years ago, in the midst of all the rumors that Google was on the verge of releasing its Google Phone, the world’s biggest Internet company let us down by releasing instead an OS for mobile phones. It’s called Android. And since then, phones that that use Android as their OS have been well-coveted.

A lot of phone manufacturers have since released Android phones which have made a killing in the market. The appeal of the Android OS lies in the fact that it is a fuss free and simple to operate. The interface is also very user-friendly. All applications are accessible right from the dashboard and the home page features a search bar for emergencies when you need instant access to information. The browser can also be launched easily right from the home page. Other phone features are also made easier. The SMS feature, for example, is conveniently organized into threads, so you can easily find what you are looking for when you open your inbox.

Unfortunately, one of the setbacks of the phones is generally their prohibitive costs. Because of their relatively high price ranges, they are typically considered as high-end and exclusive only for consumers from the higher classes or those who are lucky enough to win a free android phone in whatever way.

But can you get your hands on a phone without paying for it? The answer is, yes, if you win a free android phone from any of the websites that offer them. Some companies do offer free Motorola droid, the newest Android phone to hit the market. It is easy to find these types of websites, and it is fairly easy to get a chance to win. So off you go, and grab that chance to get an Android phone.

Representing the next stage in smartphone development, the unlocked Google Nexus One phone from HTC offers supercharged power with one of the fastest processors currently available in a smartphone, a 3.7-inch super LCD touch display, and access to all your contacts and most important data from a variety of Google tools via the Android 2.1 operating system. With integrated Google technology, the Nexus One brings one-touch access to the popular Google mobile services millions use every day, including Google Search by Voice, YouTube and Picasa.

The Google Nexus One integrates with all of your favorite Google applications–from e-mail and calendar to Google Voice and YouTube.

The 5-megapixel camera on the back also
captures DVD-quality widescreen video
(see a schematic of all ports and controls). In addition to 3G connectivity, the Nexus One offers Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g) for accessing home and business networks as well as hotspots while on the go and Bluetooth connectivity for both hands-free devices and stereo music streaming. Other features include assisted GPS (AGPS) with Google Maps Navigation providing turn-by-turn voice guidance, memory expansion via microSD memory cards, threaded messaging for seamless on-the-go conversations, and up to 7 hours of 3G talk time.

Unlocked Phone
The Nexus One is unlocked and will recognize SIM cards from any mobile service provider using the GSM standard. The Nexus One’s antenna supports four GSM radio frequencies (850/900/1800/1900) and three 3G/UMTS Bands (2100/AWS/900). These cover most major GSM mobile providers worldwide, including T-Mobile in the United States, but not the 850 MHz 3G band used by AT&T. The Nexus One will, however, deliver 2G/EDGE speeds on these networks, and of course supports Wi-Fi as well.

Nexus One Software Innovation
The Nexus One runs on Android 2.1, a version of the platform’s Eclair software, which offers advanced applications and features including:

  • Google Maps Navigation: offering turn-by-turn driving directions with voice output.
  • E-mail: multiple Gmail accounts; universal inbox and Exchange support.
  • Phone book: aggregate contacts from multiple sources, including Facebook.
  • Quick Contacts: easily switch between communication and social applications.
  • Android Market: access to more than 18,000 applications.

It also includes the following applications on the home screen:

  • Gmail: Your Inbox displays conversations with the newest messages at the top. To read a message in a threaded conversation, touch its subject. (Learn more)
  • YouTube: Use the YouTube application to view, search for, upload, and share videos. Like the version you use on your PC, YouTube on the Nexus One presents the videos grouped into categories, such as Most viewed, Most discussed, Most recent, and Top rated. (Learn more)
  • Messaging: You can use Messaging to exchange text (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) with your friends’ mobile phones. Touch New message to start a new text or multimedia message, or touch an existing message thread to open it. (Learn more)
  • Music: Use the Music application to listen to and organize audio files you have transferred onto your microSD card from your computer. (Learn more)
  • Maps: With Google Maps on your phone, you can find your current location, view real-time traffic conditions, and get detailed directions by foot, public transportation, or car. You’ll also be able to navigate using spoken, turn-by-turn driving instructions as well as switch between viewing a street map or a satellite image. (Learn more)
  • Car Home: Access Google Maps, Navigation, Voice Search, Contacts, and Search with the touch of a button. Car Home opens with five large buttons that you can touch to access applications that are most useful when you’re driving. (Learn more)
  • Android Market: With the Android Market, you can browse and search for free and paid applications. Once you find an application you want, you can install it on your phone. (Learn more)

Key Features

  • Fast 3G connectivity via UMTS Band 1/4/8 (2100/AWS/900)
  • Quad-band GSM connectivity for global voice roaming
  • Enter text without typing. Use a voice-enabled keyboard for all text fields: speak a text message, instant message, tweet, Facebook update, or complete an e-mail.
  • Tell your phone what you want it to do. Search Google, call contacts, or get driving directions by just speaking into your phone.
  • Take personalization to the next level. Dynamic, interactive, live wallpapers react to the touch of a finger. And more widgets and five home screen panels allow for further device customization.
  • Read your voice-mail messages. Get transcribed voice-mail with Google Voice integration, without changing your number.
  • Real HTML Web browsing provides more pages and better Web content delivered efficiently to your phone (Android Webkit HTML5-based browser).
  • 3.7-inch widescreen WVGA  super LCD touchscreen (800 x 480 pixels; 100,000:1 typical contrast ratio; 1ms typical response rate)
  • Haptic feedback
  • 5-megapixel camera includes LED flash, auto focus, 2x digital zoom, white balance and color effects. View pictures and Picasa Web Albums in the new 3D Gallery. Record high-resolution MPEG4 video, and then upload to YouTube with one click.
  • Capture DVD-quality video at 720×480 pixels at 20 frames per second or higher, depending on lighting conditions
  • Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g) for accessing home and corporate networks as well as hotspots while on the go.
  • Bluetooth connectivity (version 2.1) includes profiles for communication headset, hands-free car kits, and the A2DP Bluetooth profile–enabling you to wirelessly stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones or speaker dock.
  • Memory expansion via microSD card slot with support for optional cards up to 32 GB (Onboard memory: 512 MB Flash, 512 MB RAM)
  • Trackball navigation with tri-color notification LED, alerts when new e-mails, chats, and text messages arrive
  • Dynamic noise suppression with second microphone
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
  • Airplane mode allows you to listen to music while the cellular connectivity is turned off
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 3G QSD8250 chipset, delivering speeds up to 1 GHz

Vital Statistics
The Google Nexus One weighs 4.59 ounces and measures 4.69 x 2.35 x 0.45 inches. Its 1400 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 7 hours of 3G talk time (10 hours on 2G networks), and up to 250 hours (10+ days) of 3G standby time (290 hours on 2G networks). It runs on the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequencies as well as 2100/AWS/900 3G networks.

What’s in the Box
Google Nexus One handset, rechargeable battery, charger, pouch, wired headset, USB cable, quick start guide

The Google Nexus One was rumored to be a device that would revolutionize the overwhelming stronghold mobile operators have over their clients by totally bypassing carrier-voice calls and enabling users to make VoIP only calls thus freeing consumers from mobile operator s “money-grabbing” constraints. The Nexus One is built by HTC with a lot of input from Google and it runs Android 2.1. The reported changes are a touch of 3D in the app tray, a bit of WebOS gadgetry with a preview of all homescreen pages done card-style. Preloaded are Google Navigation (in the US) and the new Google Goggles, which identifies objects by using the camera and brings up relevant information. The device is not locked ad works on T-Mobile network in the US. Engadget have unearthed a report from the FCC about the Nexus One passing their tests. The interesting bit here is that it has quad-band GSM support and 1700/1900MHz 3G support, which covers T-Mobile indeed.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #8115 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Google
  • Model: Nexus One
  • Dimensions: 2.35″ h x .45″ w x 4.69″ l, .29 pounds


  • 1400 mAH battery Charges at 480mA from USB, at 980mA from supplied charger
  • Talk time Up to 10 hours on 2G Up to 7 hours on 3G Standby time Up to 290 hours on 2G Up to 250 hours on 3G Internet use Up to 5 hours
  • 3G Up to 6.5 hours on Wi-Fi Video playback Up to 7 hours Audio playback Up to 20 hours ProcessorQualcomm QSD 8250 1 GHz
Want Your Free Android Phoneall Heres How To Get One

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184 of 196 people found the following review helpful.
5the only SUPER Phone & comparison to Verizon’s Motorola Droid & HTC Incredible
By Dr. M. A. Dixon
I almost cried when I returned the Motorola DROID A855 Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) to Verizon due to connectivity problems but now I am glad I ended up with the Google Nexus One Unlocked Phone! This Nexus One hasn’t failed me yet; it has strong 3G connectivity with T-Mobile and strong Edge connectivity with AT&T. The phone is gorgeous (AMOLED display – Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) and amazingly fast (snapdragon processor) and fun (Android 2.1 interface enhancements)!

I love the droid platform that you can customize and aren’t stuck with the rigid iPhone experience.

I love Google’s turn by turn navigation which usually works for me by voice command such as “Navigate to Fry’s Electronics” and it will give me choice on screen of which two locations in my city do I want directions to? I touch screen my selection and it starts telling me how to drive there. I have found Google’s Navigation better than Garmin in that it gives a better gas-saving route and tells you the turns before you get to them rather than after you already passed them. I do prefer hard keyboards which Nexus One doesn’t have so Verizon’s Motorola Droid wins out there! I was hoping they had used the money saved on no landscape keyboard to put in BETTER microphones and really fix the Voice Command making typing obsolete, but no. However, Swype and other keyboard apps can improve your virtual keyboard experience. The phone has been dissected and the parts apparently come to $174 in change and the rest is Google’s profit.

Another reviewer said low battery on Nexus One, to fix that, just download free app Advanced Task Killer and shut down running software that you don’t need running and it will last longer. Also, you can make it run edge instead of 3G which will save on battery. There are a lot of settings you can easily adjust to conserve your battery life. Battery life for the Nexus One is as follows: 10 hours of 2G talk time or 7 hours of 3G talk time; 12 days of 2G standby time or 10.4 hours of 3G standby time; 5 hours of Internet use on 3G or 6.5 hours on Wi-Fi; 7 hours of video playback and 20 hours of audio playback. According to FCC radiation tests, the Nexus One has a digital SAR of 0.867 watt per kilogram.

Also, another reviewer said that low privacy due to syncing with his desktop, but you can turn off syncing in your settings if you don’t want them to sync. The syncing is actually one of the features that I think appeals to most Android/google fans.

I love the Amazon ap and being able to scan UPC codes to do comparison shopping and read Amazon reviews!

The 3D AMOLED screen is breath-taking. The interactive wallpapers are fun.

I bought the Nexus One unlocked from Google for $529 plus tax. I have always been impressed with how innovative google is but the experience of buying a phone from them is horrid. I would not do it again. They are not providing any customer service other than to tell you to call TMobile about the service or HTC about hardware questions. Google will not provide a customer service telephone number even AFTER you have given them almost $600; there is no customer service on the packing slip or anywhere to be found. They have a help forum where supposedly you can get help from other CUSTOMERS but they themselves will not help you out. TMobile CSRs say they will have this phone available for sale in their store by the end of January and I would definitely recommend buying it from them instead of Google. Also if you buy it from Google, TMobile insurance against damage, loss, theft, etc is unavailable; the only insurance you can get on the Google phone when you buy from google is from square trade which has a deductible and is limited in what it will cover. I do really like and use the UNLOCKED status of the phone and don’t know if TMobile will be selling it unlocked as that is something new to be offered in USA. It is so great for traveling abroad; just pop in a prepaid SIM card from that country and you are ready to roll without roaming fees! I suppose if TMobile doesn’t sell it unlocked you just need to go to the same little bit of extra trouble to unlock the phone so you don’t end up having to turn over the farm to TMobile/AT&T for roaming fees!

I received my phone 01/08/10 and am thinking it is a definite keeper but I am still playing around with it and learning it. Nexus One is FUN! It is pretty! It is fast! It is so enjoyable I have almost forgotten the awful Google buying experience.

UPDATE jan 17 2010 – I brought my Nexus One to the AT&T Kiosk and the guys there both said WOW, I was happy with my iPhone 3GS when I woke up this morning but now I want one of these! I explained it was only on EDGE and not 3G but they said that the snapdragon processor made up for it that you notice the speed lag only in downstreaming video or megafiles. they volunteered that AT&T is “in no hurry” to get the Nexus One running on their 3G network since they can not sell the phone and all the retail profit is going to google; they are putting their efforts into their next new phone which I think they called the Elite.

Google now has a couple of employees on their help forum attempting customer service but failing. Google has made its fortune by advertising mostly and acting like any actual interaction with their customers will give them the cooties, so I guess it is too late to change. Offering the phone unlocked when brand new is really great and may be lost if only sold by the carrier. So Google if you are listening here is how you can go into the phone-selling business without getting the cooties – partner with Amazon and Wal-mart (retail and online). These retail giants have proven records of consistent great customer service. Let them sell your unlocked phones for you and collect a profit for providing customer service and you get to continue to rake in the big bucks without having any actual contact with your customers and not tarnish your reputation when people experience what it is like to interact with you rather than admire you from afar. The retail store with the best customer service record in cellphones though is Best Buy; let them sell your phone unlocked and customer satisfaction will soar!

Another reviewer said he didn’t know why people would buy it here for more than what google charges but the answer is crystal clear – one google is not selling to many countries yet and secondly amazon will provide customer service and won’t charge a re-stocking fee.

I am really enjoying my Nexus One and am thinking it is the KEEPER

Feb3, 2010 update

This phone really shows off YouTube! Their HD concerts and other clips are stellar to watch on this phone! Watching theater previews on the movies app (free) is a fun experience. The picture is HD and the sound quality is best with ear phones.

While there are fewer apps than iPhone, there are more free apps. How many apps does one need anyway? I try to keep my phone light so it is ripped and ready to fly fast!

There is a great silicone coating making the nexus one almost impossible to scratch! There is a great YouTube video where someone is intentionally trying to scratch the nexus one screen as well as the back with their car keys and can’t! : )

I got a computer in my pocket and I am lovin’ it!

UPDATE Feb9,2010 Now there is a Google Nexus one Support number 888-48Nexus (888 486 3987) so might be worth a try to purchase from Google! Maybe they have seen the light!

Also software update released earlier this week includes MULTI-TOUCH that so many people seem to really like!

UPDATE Feb16,2010 Google Voice is fully integrated on this phone so using it for texting in or out is as easy as the regular messaging icon. But Google Voice has free text messaging so you can have your carrier block texting using their system and save the $10-20/month or whatever your carrier is currently charging you for texting.

UPDATE April24,2010 I purchased the car dock and am loving my N1 even more! You can use your phone with a Bluetooth headset while it’s in the Car Dock; when you dock your phone for the first time, you’ll be prompted with a dialog box to select the dock’s audio settings. Just uncheck the “As speaker phone” option, and your phone will be able to pair with a Bluetooth headset. To change these settings later, go to Menu > Dock settings while Car Dock is running.

UPDATE May31,2010 I guess the Nexus One is no longer available on google’s website and will soon be sold in stores where you can pick up, touch, and play with before shelling out big bucks. I am still very happy with my Nexus One! If I was to choose again today the smartphone right for me, I would choose this one again. My son just terminated iPhone Friday and got the HTC DROID INCREDIBLE Android Phone (Verizon Wireless) from Verizon and that is probably the best choice for him as he wanted to leave AT&T and go with Verizon. The incredible is made by HTC like the Nexus One that I enjoy! I love the open android platform and think he will fall in love with it too. He has only had it a few hours but already is saying how cool it is to be so integrated with google unlike his iPhone. I prefer my NexusOne as I can stick an activated GoPhone SIM card in there and it works; I don’t have to sign a 2 year contract for overpriced service like my son did! He had to pay AT&T money too to get out of his iPhone contract. I’m on wifi most of the time and just pay for AT&T service when I need it and I am free to do something else if I ever decide to do so!

I found this review comparing cameras between htc nexusone and htc incredible: The Nexus One takes better pictures than the Droid Incredible. How is that possible?! you say? The Incredible is 8MP, thats a whole THREE MORE MEGAPIXELS you say. Well, I think it boils down to the megapixel myth: the common belief that more megapixels equals a better camera, which isn’t always the case. There are a wealth of other factors in play here, the lens, the flash, the CMOS sensor- all of which can contribute to better overall image quality.

Also Engadget compared cameras on Incredible and N1: With all this talk of the Droid Incredible ousting the Nexus One from Verizon Wireless, having a better multitouch implementation, and just being newer and shinier, you might think this comparison of cameras is just mercilessly piling on the pain for the original Googlephone. After all, the Nexus One and its 5 megapixel sensor came out a good few months ahead of the 8 megapixel Droid Incredible, so surely this battle would be over before it’s even begun? Not so fast, says Android and Me, whose diligent testers have put the two HTC handsets through a side-by-side shootout. As it turns out, the Nexus One rather swept the contest in both naturally and flash-lit shots, while the Incredible habitually exhibited a blue hue in less than perfectly lit photos. Both cameras were adept at taking excellent daylight photos, as is to be expected, but the devil is as usual in the details — and you can find all of them at the source link below.

YouTube has many short videos comparing nexus one to incredible or droid just type in nexus one vs incredible or type in nexus one vs droid or whatever phone you want to compare to. Basically NexusOne and Incredible are very similar. N1 one is a little bigger. Incredible has more plastic. incredible has track pad while N1 has trackball; both light up. Incredible has HTC sense which gives you built in widgets; N1 uses google android widgets but you can download all the other widgets to N1 so the difference is really only that the incredible comes pre-loaded with the widgets through HTC Sense. N1 has less storage. Incredible has an enhanced micro usb. one might think since the Incredible camera has more megapixils that it takes better photos than N1 but that doesn’t seem to be what reviewers comparing photos taken side by side are saying! The Incredible gives you 7 homescreens with leap feature whereas N1 has only 5 homepages but really I am not using all 5 of my pages yet and plan on never doing so as how many apps does one need really? I like to keep my smartphone trim and fast! N1 has longer battery life than Incredible which may really be significant as short battery life is one of the major complaints for N1 and Incredible’s is shorter; some say it is the HTC Sense that eats up the battery life so maybe incredible users will be uninstalling it, if THEY CAN!

The other night we were out eating crab buckets at a very loud rowdy restaurant and we decided to go shopping afterwards but didn’t know how to get to the mall from here so I pulled out my N1 and really didn’t think it would work with all that noise, but i spoke navigate to xxx and it got it 100% perfect! My friend’s jaw dropped and said How did your phone do that? My phone won’t do that! (she has a G1). If you get the N1, you’ll be hearing that a lot “How’d your phone do that? mine won’t do that….”

To other reviewer Shunundo – i agree with you that speaker quality is tinky and really need to use with earbuds or bluetooth. If you have trouble seeing in sunlight, adjust the settings and see if that helps. the phone has automatic brightness, it has a light sensor built in, when you are in bright light, the brightness lowers, and raises when in the dark. You can disable this and customize the brightness level by going to Settings>Sound and Display>Brightness. AMOLED screens are not the best choice if you are a lifeguard in the sun all day but prettiest for normal lighting day and night. Also did you know you can turn your N1 camera flash into a flashlight without rooting it? there are SEVERAL android apps for that. I agree with you that wifi is the best way to go and I am on that almost all the time for speeds as fast as my desktop!

UPDATE – On the wireless settings, there is an option for “Tethering & Portable Hotspot”. Once you turn on “Portable Wi-fi Hotspot” you can tether any wireless device. Saw someone at the park on July 4th with the iPad, and 2 iPod Touches tethered to N1 ~ this completely blew all of us away as the 3G connection was lightning fast for all 3 gadgets! N1 wasn’t rooted.

UPDATE 7/20 My phone updated to Froyo 2.2 seems like weeks ago and my son’s incredible hasn’t updated yet; he is still on 2.1 and really wanting 2.2. I’ve heard Nexus One owners are always going to get preferential treatment from Google over their other android customers.

UPDATE 10/10/10 – I am still lovin’ my Nexus One! It just keeps getting better and better and I have not had a single thought about switching to anything else!

UPDATE 8/18/11 – I AM STILL LOVING THIS PHONE I was getting some error messages about insufficient HD and decided to upgrade my microSD card instead of deleting photos. It came with a 4GB class 4 MicroSD card but is upgradable to 32GB. I purchased a PNY 16GB class 10 card from Amazon for about $20 and now my phone is almost instantaneous on everything. I can not imagine ever going with anything other than android when it comes to a phone. No one can beat google navigation! I did decide on a HP touchpad when it comes to a tablet but I am also VERY interested in the new android Hollywood tablet with a QUAD processor coming out by Amazon preset with amazon shopping.!!! I just love that this phone just zips through everything!!! Amazon’s android app store can not be beat either.

64 of 68 people found the following review helpful.
5The Nexus One: Don’t Believe the Hype
By Daniel S. Kim
I know, I know. I gave this product 5 stars yet my review title seems to be quite a bit contradictory, but theres plenty of reasons why. First and foremost, I have dreamed of this product ever since I got into the PDA game in 1999 with my Palm IIIc. Since then, I’ve used a veritable warehouse of different units, anything ranging from the aforementioned Palm IIIc to pretty much any Android handset out there that offers service in a GSM flavor to this point. I purchased the Nexus One on day one, and received it over night, so I am by far one of the earliest adopters in the market. As you can imagine, my expectations are quite high for an all-in-one PDA, and even though my title may be emitting a bad taste in my mouth, I can assure you thats not the case.

With PDA’s/Smartphones bridging the gap between our Laptop’s/PC’s, the functionality all needs to be there to really be a full on mobile replacement. With the insurmountable amount of internet discussion that this device received prior to its official announcement and release, one couldn’t help but get their hopes up. Did the Nexus One hit its mark? Yes, I believe it did, and with style and poise to be frank. But, is it that all-one-device that has the power to leave your laptop at home for the road warrior? Nay, I wouldn’t go as far to say that. The device itself and Android put together are a powerful duo of open-source-goodness, but it still has a ways to go, which I’m sure Google will stand behind and push forward.


Overall, the 3.7 inch AMOLED display is a sight to behold in and of itself. The colors are brilliant, blacks couldn’t be more rich and dark, and video is even crisper than my dedicated laptop, the ASUS UL30Vt-X1 Thin and Light 13.3-Inch Black Laptop (Windows 7 Home Premium) which is currently for sale on Amazon as well. Watching HD video on YouTube is no doubt an impresser, and website viewing and navigation couldn’t be more pleasing, especially with the new multi-touch update that Google pushed out to its user base, which provides that functionality inside of Google Maps, the browser, and the gallery.

The capacitive touch screen works just as great as expected, except for a few minor issues which do not hold any ground in this review and score of the display. For one, being a male of average height, I don’t exactly have that big of hands. Therein lies the problem with one handed use, as the device is a wee bit too wide for my hands, which occasionally causes my palm to touch the screen when I try to reach too far. As you can imagine, this causes a problem sometimes, but you really just have to arch your thumb when using it which takes some time to get used to.

The 1 gigahertz Snapdragon is definitely awe inspiring in its performance, and typing on the screen is definitely better than its other Android predecessors. Whether Google will admit it or not, typing on the screen would be greatly enhanced by adding multitouch capabilities to the keyboard and allowing for adjustment in that regard. Some people like myself type literally at a speed of 70 words per minute on a QWERTY phone keypad, and this would definitely be appreciated.

The only downfall of the gorgeous display is the fact that there is a bit of tinted red hue if you look closely. It is ever more apparent when taking video of the device itself, as it greatly pronounces this fault in the screen. For the most part it doesn’t affect the user experience of the device, which is why I only slighted the score by 1 point. The other thing to watch out for is the fact that AMOLED’s perform horribly in direct sunlight compared to their LCD counterparts, but this is something that is somewhat widely known and it shouldn’t be knocked for that.


With the amount of RAM included in the device and the newly praised Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, this is where the Nexus One definitely puts it shine on. Applications open swiftly like the device has extra sensory perception, and you couldn’t be more satisfied with the overall speed increase compared to any other Android device, or any other Smartphone on the market for that matter. 3D games perform admirably, and there isn’t much else to say other than yes, it will knock your socks off.

Web browsing compared to my other Android devices is a joke, and don’t believe what some reviewers are saying about the Web-Kit based browser compared to others of similar nature, namely the iPhone 3GS. With my constant side to side comparison with friends that use the iPhone, 90 percent of the time my Nexus One is making them cry tears of pain, not admiration.

The trackball is well, a trackball. It does its job, what little it may have, and one of the only things I would definitely change about the device is the addition of a trackpad instead.


I didn’t buy the Nexus One expecting it to perform very well in this regard, but it definitely gets the job done for a day’s worth of moderate work. AMOLED’s and OLED’s in general are definitely the display of the next generation of tech devices, but people fail to realize their shortfalls. Namely, most people will tell you that they’re power savers compared to their LCD counterparts, which is only partially true. Where AMOLED’s really shine in battery conservation is when text is displayed WHITE on BLACK, as in a black background and white text such as the format used in most of Android’s operating system menus. The obvious reason that Google designed it this way is because of not only better readability, but the fact that this is where battery improvement comes from compared to LCD laden devices.

In comparison, I’d have to say that the battery only slightly does better than the T-Mobile G1. A typical heavy user should expect to carry a charger around with this bad boy.

Heat while using the phone or even while 3D gaming could be considered as negligible, and only when the device is plugged into an AC outlet does the temperature start to reach uncomfortable proportions. With everyday use of the device, there isn’t a time where I felt like this caused an usability flaws.


The camera is definitely a HUGE step up from other Android devices on the market today as well. The 5.0 megapixel camera is definitely not something to write home about, but the shutter speeds, new functionality in Android 2.0, and overall ease of use is definitely something that is noteworthy. Pictures come out crisp as ever with the proper lighting, and the LED flash definitely helps in situations where there isn’t enough light to shed. Since the flash definitely isn’t Xenon based, you can only expect to get proper use out of it around the 1 – 6 foot range, unless pitch dark. Periphery with the flash as expected definitely leaves something to be desired in darker surroundings, as the flash doesn’t flood the scene enough and leaves a somewhat noticeable dark area around the edges of pictures. Any kind of motion in the picture that you’re taking still takes some effort, but is at somewhat of a tolerable level now.

The 720p video is definitely impressive as well, much better than I had originally expected. Again, with proper lighting I am getting an average of 24 frames per second, which is definitely something I would present to friends and wouldn’t be embarrassed about. High motion is also another issue here even in noon-clear-sky daylight, but its to be expected, remember; phone first, camera second.

GPS locks are definitely much faster than other Android iterations, and I have found plenty of use for Google Navigation inside of Maps as anyone can imagine. The large display and loud but tinny speakerphone get the job done even going 80 mph down a highway. The only thing it needs now to complement it is the car accessory dock, which unfortunately isn’t as punctual as its desktop dock counterpart.


The phone is definitely loud and clear with good to great earphone quality, and fairly underwhelming speakerphone quality. As a long time HTC proponent, I have come to expect much from said company in this regard, but I’ve had better ones from them. When talking even going down a highway, people tend to not believe me when I tell them that I am. The noise cancelling second microphone performs like a champ, and I don’t believe I’ve had a phone that could even come close to Nexus One in this aspect.

Reception is great, which is also another thing to expect from most HTC phones. I have been one of the people that have been having trouble with keeping a 3G signal in a well covered area with T-Mobile, but problems are to be expected in a new generation of technology device, and I would push for patience in this area. Only downfall here seems to be inside of buildings, where other HTC Android phones seem to get the best of the Nexus One in most situations.

In conclusion, the device definitely is the cutting edge in mobile phone products, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone thats even slightly interested. The main downfalls come from poor software implementation up to this point, and the somewhat shoddy service from T-Mobile, as well as Google’s failures as a retail company. We may all consider them to be the geniuses of the internet and advertisement industry currently, but they definitely need some work in the customer service game. Users that don’t have a somewhat advanced knowledge of electronic warranties and replacements, as well as technical skills to trouble shoot your own problems with the device may want to steer away for a little while until the kinks are worked out. If you’re daring enough though, the Nexus One is waiting to satisfy your every expectation. Almost.

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5This is my first smartphone and I think it’s great
By Geoff Finger
I’ve had the Google Nexus One for about three or four days now. I got the unlocked version direct from Google for $530, so I can’t imagine why anyone would pay the $630 or more other sellers are asking for. Switching my number over to T-Mobile was easy, although it took about a day for the transfer to be finalized, which I’m blaming on Sprint due to my experience with their customer service in the past. And since I have the unlocked phone I was able to get the Even More Plus plan with 500 minutes, unlimited texting and “unlimited” data for $59.99 a month, so I’ll be saving a _lot_ of money in the long run compared to the iPhone on AT&T or the Droid on Verizon. So far the phone seems very fast and I’ve already downloaded several apps. Some people have been making a big deal about the fact that the app space is limited to the internal 512 MB flash drive, unlike the iPhone which can save app data to the main drive. I’ve installed 9 apps so far, the largest is 3.59MB and the smallest is 664KB, with the total coming to 12MB. According to the memory manager I’ve still got 153 MB of storage left (apparently the OS takes up about 350MB) so I’m not worried about running out of space before Google comes out with the fix for saving apps to the SD card that they’ve said they’re working on. One important “feature” of the N1 which people may view as a pro or con, depending on your views on privacy, is the integration with all of Google’s online applications. When you start the phone up it asks you log into your Google account (I’m not sure what happens if you try to skip that step.) It will then synch the phone with your “My Contacts” list in GMail and will automatically log you into most Google services. This morning while doing a search on my phone during lunch I was a little surprised to see similar searches I’d done this morning on my desktop showing up in the suggestions box. I’ve also been getting notifications on my phone for all the events I have saved on my Google Calendar. Transferring data to the phone from your computer is simple. It comes with a USB to micro-USB connector, and the hardest part of getting it connected is realizing that after you’ve plugged it in you need to open the notifications window on the phone and tell it to mount the SD card (this is presumably some kind of security feature in case you lose the phone.) After that you can copy files across just like any other drive. I’ve already moved about half a gig of music over to the phone. The battery life seems adequate so far. I need to charge the phone every day, but that’s probably because I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time browsing the web with it. Once the novelty wears off (and the work week starts again =) I expect my usage will drop off a bit. I’m still thinking I may want to get a car charger for it though. Speaking of which, web browsing seems to work great, though I do miss tabbed browsing a little. YouTube videos work great, though other sites with the latest version of Flash don’t. Adobe is currently working on Flash 10.1 for the Nexus though. It’s already in beta and there are demos of it working on YouTube, so hopefully it will be out soon.

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